Blog Name

So, this morning, my husband asked me where did I want to go with this blog and my response was ‘I’m unsure’. So I’ve been encouraged to do this blog by people all the time because they like the things I wear, or my makeup and even my hair. Me being me, of course I just look at it as me getting up and putting on the clothes I have in my closet and the makeup that’s on my vanity. Never did it appear to me that people could be influenced by me just being me. But when I was asked about my blog I never took any of these things into consideration. Never mind the messages I’ve received saying ‘thank you for starting the blog because you can help me get dressed or show me what to do with all this makeup’, I just thought I was just being me. Continue reading “Blog Name”

Rain, rain, rain 

Of course we want the rain to go away but since we know it is not, you mine as well be cute in it. Pair some cute rain boots with a great rain jacket, a skirt and a button up and off to work you go….

Tom Ford Patchwork Denim & Leather Sandals 

So I am in LOVE, no you don’t understand, I LOVE shoes and I am gawking over these Tom Ford Sandals!!!! Since I love skirts, this is a simple way I’d do these. Jacket can be found (here)

My First Post….

So I am new to the whole blogging thing…. give me some time and I will get the hang of this… I plan to post plenty of pics of the latest trends, fashion, make-up and so much more….

Stay tuned….