Ahhhhh!!!!! Guess what I did?!?? A YouTube video!!!!! 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 ok, ok let me calm down! So I did a video on how to achieve my smokey eye using the Make Up For Ever Artist 1 Palette (thank Mandy). So cool. I am going to keep posting videos so of course I need you to tell me what it is that you would like to see and of course SUBSCRIBE! To both my page and my YouTube channel which you can find 👉🏽👉🏽 Here



No matter what I do or how long my day is, I always come home to my baby. When I first got my dog around this time last year I was so scared to even hold him and now we are inseparable. No matter what time I get home, I always walk him. My husband and I don’t have children of our so Lord Benjamin is our first baby. Spoiled? He is very much and he doesn’t like for anyone to hold me or touch me including my husband. Continue reading “OOTD…”

Holiday 2015

Hey luvs! How was your holiday? Mine was awesome. In my household we don’t celebrate Christmas, we celebrate Hanukkah. This year Hannukah for us was pretty quiet. My husband had to work as did I, so we didn’t do much. With Christmas being on a Friday and both hubby and I were off, we spent Christmas with our spiritual parents out on Long Island. Many holidays I spend home alone because of my husbands profession and schedule but today was one of the best holidays that we’ve been able to spend with family. Great food, laughs and just a ball of fun. We love family and it’s very important to us, so today meant everything to us. How did you all spend your holiday? ?

Marc Jacobs Decadence Perfume & My Sisters B’day

Back in October, Marc Jacobs released a perfume, Marc Jacobs Decadence. It was developed by Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian in collaboration with Marc Jacobs and Ann Gottlieb. The fragrance is a luxurious, woody scent, with top notes of Italian plum, saffron, and iris. At the heart is a bouquet of rich Bulgarian Rose, lush Orris, and creamy nuances of Jasmine Sambac. Liquid amber, vetiver, and warm papyrus woods compose the dry down.

“The revolutionary bottle was designed as a clever nod to Marc Jacobs’ fashion aesthetic, with his iconic handbag shape being reinvented into a bottle with a luxe gold chain and black silk tassel. The new fragrance epitomizes this cool, unexpected contradiction of classic and irreverence. Decadence is a good girl playing bad. In the words of Marc Jacobs, “A girl chooses to be decadent, she is not just decadent.” Continue reading “Marc Jacobs Decadence Perfume & My Sisters B’day”

Miss Universe

Hey luvs! So last night many of us tuned in and saw Steve Harvey make a huge mistake and crown the wrong contestant the Miss Universe. He has apologize numerous times via social media and to the contestants in person. I get the fact that some people won’t let anything go and will also find reason to make fun of everything but seriously???? Honest mistake!!!!

I come from a huge family and there has been plenty of times where my mother has called me my sisters name and vice versa. I have even been in different arenas where people have literally forgotten my name. Continue reading “Miss Universe”

OOTD – All Black Everything

Hey luvs! So my Saturdays consist of church and normally date night with hubby or just some chill time. For church I usually like to be comfortable yet fashionable. Sadly, if you take a look into my closet the main color that you will see is black. Why? I have no clue. It just seems like a color that I go to or everything.

This dress I got in a boutique in midtown. I tend to wear it backwards because I like the high neck in the front and the deep V in the back. I’m not too keen on wearing too much cleavage. The vest, scarf and the booties I received as gifts from hubby last year but they are all from Aldo. Continue reading “OOTD – All Black Everything”

7 Tips to Wearing Heels

Now everyone who knows me knows I love me a beautiful pair of heels. But i will not lie to you, wearing heels can HURT! Trust me, after a week of wearing heels, my uggs, my jordans or my Nikes are heaven on earth.

But since I have been wearing heels for so long, I have learned a few tricks along the way. I’m pretty sure some of you may know these tips so take it as a refresher. 🙂 But for those who don’t wear heels often, I hope these tips help. Continue reading “7 Tips to Wearing Heels”

Fall/Winter Trend 2015

So, is it me or does it not feel like winter in New York?! Not that I am complaining, but normally around this time of year I be bundled up with sweaters and the big bulky coats that I hate! Yet, 2015 has given us a different feel. There are days when you can literally get away with my favorite trend for the season – a warm long cardigan with a sweater and go. Continue reading “Fall/Winter Trend 2015”

It’s Man Crush Monday…

It’s Man Crush Monday right?!
So, if you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE & LIKE my husband. Yes there’s a difference. Just because you love your spouse, doesn’t mean you have to like him. I love my husband with every part of my being. There’s no other man that can walk in a room and light up my world, or make my heart melt with something so simple as his smile that he hates so much. But I also like him. I like the man that he is, I like the way life looks through his eyes. No, in no way are we the perfect couple, but we’re learning.
So shout out to my Mr. for always putting me and my feelings before everything, for considering me in all things, and for being the best husband, friend, lover and everything else that this woman could have ever prayed for. Love you!  Continue reading “It’s Man Crush Monday…”

Denim on Denim

So, my husband is a very laid back kind of guy. He’s not a shopper, in fact, he hates shopping for himself but if I asked him to go to a store with me, I might have to do a little bit of some teeth pulling but I can get him to go. So, since he does not shop often he LOVES his denim jacket. I actually love it too, he has patches on it that kind of describe some of the things which he enjoys. Last night as we were getting dressed to go to dinner, my brother told him that denim on denim was totally out of style. When I was trying to explain that denim on denim is one of those styles that never really goes out of style because it is constantly reoccurring, he would not believe me for nothing.

So of course, I googled some do’s and don’ts that I totally agree with about denim on denim in case you decide to jump on board. Continue reading “Denim on Denim”