Ms. Virginia McLaurin

Hey Luvs,

So this post is totally different from my norm but I have become extremely obsessed with this Ms. Virginia McLaurin ever since she went to visit our President and First Lady at the White House.

Her history and her story is amazing. To know that someone who was raised on a sharecropper to me is amazing. To hear how they had to obtain an education – the very education that we take for granted so often – to me is Awesome

I did not write this article but I found it to be very interesting and thought I’d share it.

“Virginia McLaurin, the 107-year-old woman whose dance with the Obama’s went viral, has finally received a photo ID card. On Tuesday, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser passed a new law that would make it easier for individuals over 70 to obtain an ID, the Houston Chronicle reports.

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Be You…

Hey Luvs,

So fortunate for me, I have been placed in a position where I have quite a few young ladies that reach out to me often for several things – whether it be just to talk, for advice or even a listening ear. So the other day I was on the phone with some one and she asked “how come you always end out calls with ‘always remember to be you’?”My response to her was simply because no one can ever beat you at being you. No one can do a better job at being you than you.  Continue reading “Be You…”

Me Time

When you live a busy life sometimes you find yourself at the bottom of the to-do list and often times you never make it to the bottom of the list.

I’ve learned along the way that those little moments of me time are very necessary in every marriage. If your schedule is anything like my husband and I, you find that you do a lot of passing one another. As soon as we got married, we started a church – and if any of you ever started a church, you know that it’s like immediately going into labor and trying to birth out a baby but instead we are birthing out a church. So we have a church, we work two different shifts and we are constantly supporting EVERYBODY. But even with doing all of that, one would think that we don’t spend enough time with one another right? But even with doing all of this, you still need your me time. No matter how long or how short your time is, YOU NEED IT. Continue reading “Me Time”