You taught my heart the definition of love…

What I love most about you could never be captured in a photo. I love your character. Not just the roles you’ve played to become you, but the roles you’ve refused because they devalued your potential to become better. I love that you don’t just say you’ll be there, but show up without even saying a word. I love the way you shift the world to make it a more comfortable one for me to live. I love your heart for humanity and your constant strive towards divinity. I love how you wake up in the middle of the night with dreams and fears only a man trying to get it right could possess. I love the way you kiss and hold me tight at night when I toss and turn. I love the way you hate to see me unhappy or upset at anything. I love the way my discomfort is your pain. I love the way I get to love you each and every day.

I love and appreciate you and all of the many sacrifices that you have made for me. I love that if no one else is there, my husband is always. I love the love you have for me. I love watching you become everything you have been ordained to be. I love watching you grow and mature. I love hearing your views and opinions on world views and biblical studies. I love your stance on defending the gospel. I love your desire to serve. I love walking in ministry with you. I love being able to help you bring your desires to reality.

You opened my heart and my eyes to a world of love which I never experienced before nor did I realize that I so desperately needed. You helped me to be a better me.

I love loving you…

Engagement Pic 3



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