Jaclyn Hill Palette…

So, if you are a makeup guru, this is a must have in your collection! 

Now I must admit, I was very excited about this when Jaclyn Hill first announced it and then the buzz about this died down rather quickly. It definitely killed my enthusiasm for this particular palette. However, when I went into Sephora and saw this beautiful palette, I promise you I heard the angels singing!!! 

Anyway, if you loved Champagne Pop when it was first released by Becca, you will love Prosecco Pop. I promise you I am not amping this thing up. Go! Test it! You’re going to love it.

Now, I must admit, I am not all that enthused with the blushes. I am more of a MAC girl when it comes down to blushes BUT the highlights in my opinion are everything. Now, word of advice, a little goes a VERY LONG WAY!!! 



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