Hey loves! 

So yesterday my coworker and I found this cute little candy spot in Manhattan. It’s on the corner of 83rd and Madison Avenue. They have a great selection of candy that are boxed in these cute acrylic boxes. 

I purchased the Baby Champagne Bears. They don’t actually taste like Champagne. I was told that they are boiled in Champagne. 

They have plenty of other ‘infused’ candies as well as regular candies. They’re not expensive at all. 

Our experience there was amazing. They answer any questions you have. The gentleman that assisted us also gave us the history of the business. He did tell us that the website has more of a candy selection than the actual site. So don’t hesitate, go visit SugarFina 

Train Chronicles… 

There are just some things and some people that I don’t think I will ever understand in life. 

So, I’m on the train headed to work. Have my music on, playing word game on my phone and it’s a quiet commute to work. Sitting in a four seater on train near the door. I am sitting on the second seat from the door. On the right of me is a healthy young lady, to the left of me is an empty seat and a guy who has his legs wide open in front of that empty Continue reading “Train Chronicles… “