Train Chronicles… 

There are just some things and some people that I don’t think I will ever understand in life. 

So, I’m on the train headed to work. Have my music on, playing word game on my phone and it’s a quiet commute to work. Sitting in a four seater on train near the door. I am sitting on the second seat from the door. On the right of me is a healthy young lady, to the left of me is an empty seat and a guy who has his legs wide open in front of that empty seat between us. He’s sleep, not bothering anyone. Train gets to the stop before Manhattan and a lady gets on. Smacks the guys leg sooooo hard. I promise it was like you did something crazy wrong and your momma slapped you. He wakes up and closes his legs a bit so that she could sit. Did I mention that she was about 275 lbs?! So she sits between us and begins to wiggle her way to sit back. By the time she wiggled for the third time I was EXTREMELY annoyed. I forgot to tell you the train car had no ac. She continuously wiggles so I told her “if you wiggle one more time, I am going to wiggle you out of that seat!” Yep, I did. So now, we are in Manhattan. Dude gets up and gave her a disgusting look. One would think that she would just move over right? Wrong! she calls her friend to come sit next to her. NOW the lady to my right and I are nearly sitting on one another, SO I get up! If you need the seat that bad, take it because I promise I was on the verge of more than just saying something. 

I just don’t get it. I have taken the train all of my life and of course I have experienced this before but it’s soooooooo annoying…. 



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