Pastor Shirley Caesar…

Just a few short minutes ago Pastor Shirley Caesar received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with

She couldn’t kneel like they wanted her to but she did dance on her star!

Well deserving…. Continue reading “Pastor Shirley Caesar…”

Celebration of Gospel 2016

Last Sunday Celebration of Gospel came on and it’s something that I watch faithfully every year. But this year, I kind of liked it all the more for a few reasons – they allowed the artist to extend their songs a bit more, they incorporated secular artist who have a love for God into the show and also I think the artist style was just different.  Continue reading “Celebration of Gospel 2016”

Superbowl 50

OMGosh!!! I know I am not the only one that was loving the halftime performance this year. I never watch the game but I always catch the halftime performances and I must say this one was DOPE!!!!!! You know it was dope when my husband loved it.

I have never really been a fan of Cold Play although my sister tells me all the time to download their stuff and I must say, I am so happy I have Apple iMusic because I will definitely be downloading some of their stuff between tonight and tomorrow.  Continue reading “Superbowl 50”

Miss Universe

Hey luvs! So last night many of us tuned in and saw Steve Harvey make a huge mistake and crown the wrong contestant the Miss Universe. He has apologize numerous times via social media and to the contestants in person. I get the fact that some people won’t let anything go and will also find reason to make fun of everything but seriously???? Honest mistake!!!!

I come from a huge family and there has been plenty of times where my mother has called me my sisters name and vice versa. I have even been in different arenas where people have literally forgotten my name. Continue reading “Miss Universe”

Iman Shumpert tribute to Teyana Taylor

“I’ve never held a woman on a pedestal quite like this before. I’ve never appreciated everything about a person so much. As we grow together, you’ve taught me more about myself than I ever knew. You have changed my life forever. You have made a house a home. You have carried the next generation. And you have proven to me that love is real and genuine.” -Iman Shumpert