A Better Me, A Better You

Many would look at this picture and take it has she is just shedding the physical weight from her body. While that is great, I see something much deeper.

When you shed physical weight from your body, I believe that you get rid of the old and embrace the new. After all, you’ll need to purchase new clothes and everything else for your new body right. But you also become a different person and hopefully a better person. You’re mentality changes. Your outlook on life changes.

I have been in a place of trying to be a better me. That means, adjusting my attitude, because I know I have a bad one but it took for me to actually look myself in the mirror and recognize for me that my attitude is horrible. So, if I can look in the mirror and see that, can you imagine what others might see? My responses to things can also be crazy. I am the type where I say exactly how I feel and can honestly care less of how anyone feels. And then I have heard all of my life that I look mean and I really am not. But it is soooooo annoying when you hear, “fix your face” or “you look mean”. I’m working on it, honestly I am. I really have to coach myself in my head to be nice and to smile etc. Continue reading “A Better Me, A Better You”

My Holiday Gifts

OMG! It’s been so long since I’ve posted I have so much to catch up on. So of course my husband and I celebrate Hannukah and not Christmas. Hannukah is about a week and a half before Christmas and it last for 8 days. Every day you are supposed to receive a gift. Now 2014 i went so hard making sure I had 8 gifts but of course I did give him one every day, it got to the point where as they were coming in the mail I just gave them to him. But this year, since we did our wedding ceremony and reception, we decided not to exchange gifts and instead catch up on all our bills and bring everything to a zero balance which we did! I did however get him a sweater jacket from his favorite brand (just couldn’t let the holiday go by and i not get him something). He was soooooo hyped about that sweater, which made me happy. But last week Wednesday, my husband walked in the house with these two items that I have been wanting for a minute now. Continue reading “My Holiday Gifts”

Fall/Winter Trend 2015

So, is it me or does it not feel like winter in New York?! Not that I am complaining, but normally around this time of year I be bundled up with sweaters and the big bulky coats that I hate! Yet, 2015 has given us a different feel. There are days when you can literally get away with my favorite trend for the season – a warm long cardigan with a sweater and go. Continue reading “Fall/Winter Trend 2015”

It’s Man Crush Monday…

It’s Man Crush Monday right?!
So, if you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE & LIKE my husband. Yes there’s a difference. Just because you love your spouse, doesn’t mean you have to like him. I love my husband with every part of my being. There’s no other man that can walk in a room and light up my world, or make my heart melt with something so simple as his smile that he hates so much. But I also like him. I like the man that he is, I like the way life looks through his eyes. No, in no way are we the perfect couple, but we’re learning.
So shout out to my Mr. for always putting me and my feelings before everything, for considering me in all things, and for being the best husband, friend, lover and everything else that this woman could have ever prayed for. Love you!  Continue reading “It’s Man Crush Monday…”

Denim on Denim

So, my husband is a very laid back kind of guy. He’s not a shopper, in fact, he hates shopping for himself but if I asked him to go to a store with me, I might have to do a little bit of some teeth pulling but I can get him to go. So, since he does not shop often he LOVES his denim jacket. I actually love it too, he has patches on it that kind of describe some of the things which he enjoys. Last night as we were getting dressed to go to dinner, my brother told him that denim on denim was totally out of style. When I was trying to explain that denim on denim is one of those styles that never really goes out of style because it is constantly reoccurring, he would not believe me for nothing.

So of course, I googled some do’s and don’ts that I totally agree with about denim on denim in case you decide to jump on board. Continue reading “Denim on Denim”